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Doors are the welcome way to your home and your protection from the outside world. This is why having them installed correctly is of utmost importance. The professionals at S.M. ZAKO are experienced in all different types of door installation, including but, not limited to exterior doors, room to room, patio, storm and garage doors.

Once your entrance ways have been given a new look, you may decide your windows need to be updated or repaired. S.M. ZAKO knows there is a great deal more to choosing the right windows than just visual appeal. Factors such as durability, size, shape and the amount of light and air being let in are also a consideration. Weather in need of a larger window that will give a view and help to capture the sunrise and Illuminate your living space, or a smaller window that will be used mainly for ventilation, our licensed consultants can help you select the windows to suit the needs of each individual room in your residential or commercial space.

After the right doors and windows have been chosen for your space, the correct installation is vital. Hiring our professionals will help ensure any unwanted drafts or leaks which can save you hundreds a year in heating bills and thousands of dollars in any unforeseen water damage.

By choosing S.M. ZAKO you are doing more than just buying doors and windows. You are getting the service and experience of local professionals who are committed to your satisfaction. Once our team has provided quality door and window installation, we will be ready to continue the same quality workmanship with the repair or full construction of any custom molding and trim work you may be looking to update.

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