Trim & Molding

Whether S.M. ZAKO has just helped you to install or update new flooring, windows, doors, or maybe even an entire room such as a kitchen or bathroom, you can be sure that the project does not look complete until the trim and/or moldings have been added.

There are many different types of molding that may be needed depending on the space. The most familiar types are crown molding, which is used as a divider between the ceilings and the walls; baseboard trim, which is used as a divider between your floors and walls; and casing, which is used to define the space around doors and windows.
These seemingly simple features are what add a completed look to any project, they are the cherry on top, which is why it is important to make sure they are done the right way by the right professionals.

Our experienced team will help you decide the type of molding or trim that best suits the space it is intended for and then take care in the painting and installation of it.

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