With a broad range of expertise in commercial and residential spaces, S.M. ZAKO is qualified to handle any of your flooring needs. Our trained technicians install, repair and maintain most types of flooring. As a family owned business, our customers experience personalized attention. We pay close attention to detail and take pride in every installation. The results are sustainable new flooring with a great appearance.

There are many options for flooring in your home or commercial space. Whether it be wood, laminate, carpet or tile, each option comes in many variations of style and color; we are prepared to help you find just the right fit. Once the type of flooring has been chosen, our team will ensure the foundation is sound before the installation process begins. After all, the proper installation is what gives you the best value from any product. Leave it to S.M. ZAKO to achieve this value each and every time.

Flooring is the biggest and most used surface in any living space which is why it is important to make sure it looks like perfection for years to come. Our team is prepared to give you nothing but quality work. We plan out what sort of work needs to be done to the final finish. Creating a special moment for you and your guests that causes everyone step back and say “Wow, what a great looking floor”.

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