S.M. ZAKO has performed demolition and excavation for over 25 years. With a professionally licensed staff to operate all our heavy equipment and machinery we are capable of performing a wide range of your heavy construction needs. Our services include commercial and residential demolition and excavation, land clearing, site work and grading, the hauling of dirt and debris, and salvage operations. You can feel secure in knowing that all of our construction and cleanup adheres to national and local environmental licensing regulations.

Our demolition services range from basic deconstruction and sight clearing to more involved work including natural disaster services, hazardous waste removal and site utilities. We also provide partial demolition and are always sure to be environmentally conscious and recycle as many materials as possible.

Demolition goes hand in hand with excavation so it is nice to have a one stop company for all of your land development needs. We specialize in commercial and residential excavation as well as any other job you may need heavy earth moving equipment for.

S.M. ZAKO’s construction team meets with all the necessary professionals including engineers and soil testing companies to be sure the project is being carried out in the most cost effective way for you.

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